LGUP 1.16: Can not crossflash LG G8 ThinQ

It is not possible to use LGUP 1.16 for Crossflashing on LG G8 ThinQ models, As far as we know.

Yes, we can use LGUP 1.16 and LGUP DLL version to upgrade or refurbish the LG G8 ThinQ.

But we can not use the Partition DL feature to convert LG G8 G820UM into another G8 ThinQ model.

The New LG G8 and LG V50 ThinQ have IMPL Lock which can be unlocked only through LG official repair shop or LG’s sale support team (our Guess)

You need the LGUP, and Login the LG’s service platform to unlock the IMPL lock. So It is not possible at all.

Just want to sideload the stock LG G8 ThinQ firmware onto your Phone? Here is a screenshot sent by our tipster.

May you want to try the LGUP_cmd.exe from LGUP 1.15 and LGUP DLL version Here

"LGUP_Cmd. exe comXXX "C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\LGV40.dll" "G82001310c_00_USC_US_OP_0529. kdz" 
ABC is the USB ports number used by your phone.

We tested the LGUp_cmd.exe on LG V40. We do not know if it works on LG V50 and LG G8.

We do not know if the lgup_cmd.exe can flash the OTA Update file or not.

Please share with us, if you sideload KDZ firmware onto an LG G8 or LG V50 ThinQ model.

Good Luck.