LG’s K Series samrtphone for 2020 LMK500N surface online

A new LG handset carrying the model number LMK500N was spotted in a leaked document.

The model name of the upcoming LG device is LM-K500N or LMK500N.

According to our tipster, LG is working on the software for the upcoming LMK500N smartphone which is expected to be released in the South Korea market in 2020.

The software name for LMK50N is LMK500N-V08f-KR-NOV-08-2019+0, said our tipster.

It could be a model of LG’s K series smartphone for 2020.

Maybe LG will announce this handset in CES 2020 and release the handset in Q1 2020.

So far, we know nothing about the details of this LMK500N smartphone, except for the model name and target market.