LG’S 2020 new flagship smartphone will be released on May 15th

[update] LG today officially revealed the design of an upcoming smartphone. Maybe this is the rumored LG G9 alternative!

LG will release its new flagship smartphone for 2020, the LG G9 replacement on May 15th.

It is reported that LG Electronics will release a new 5G Premium smartphone on the15th of next month.

The new 5G premium smartphone that LG Electronics will introduce next month was originally known as the ‘ G’ series (tentatively called the G9 ThinQ).

LG will use a new brand  – possible ‘5G chocolate’ for its new 2020 flagship, instead of the ‘ G’ brand, said our tipster.

It seems that LG wants to reproduce the glory of its chocolate phone with 5G New brand, innovative design, and Reasonable price.