LG ZONE 4 X210VPP Firmware Update – X210VPP13C

LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) Firmware Update.

The LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) on Verizon Wireless is getting a new software Update.  The Firmware Update is software version X210VPP13c, and it includes the August 2019 Android Security Patches.

LG official also released the stock kdz firmware for LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP), Now You can download it from below link.

Download LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) Firmware





Software Version:X210VPP13C_01

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210VPP13c_01_0827.kdz

KDZ File size:2566504625


LG will remove the X210VPP13c_01_0827.kdz from its server when a newer software update is released.

Please download X210VPP13c_01_0827.kdz as soon as possible and keep it as a backup.

If your phone is bricked, You can unbrick/restore it back to stock by flashing theX210VPP13c_01_0827.kdz with LGUP tool.

The X210VPP supports software with LG Bridge, You can also use LG Bridge to restore your phone back to stock if you experience any issues during the update process.

Download LG ZONE 4 X210VPP USB Drivers

Here You can download the latest LG USB Drivers Ver 4.4.2 for LG ZONE 4 X210VPPP

The LG USB Drivers Package is very important, It allows you to establish communications between your Phone and computer.


Tips & Tricks

A hard reset or master reset can fix almost all software and apps issues of your LG ZONE 4 X210VPP.

Learn how to perform a reset, please have a look at LG Zone 4 x210vpp owners manual.

Bypass Google FRP on LG ZONE 4 X210VPP? Flashing the stock kdz firmware for LG ZONE 4 X210VPP does not allow you to bypass the Google Account Verification process.

LG ZONE 4 X210VPP SIM-unlock? flashing stock firmware with LGUP does not allow you to unlock your phone.