LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) Firmware Update -X210VPP12a

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LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) Firmware Update.

The LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) on Verizon Wireless is getting a new software Update.  The Firmware Update is software version X210VPP12a, and it includes the November 2018 Android Security Patches.

LG official also released the stock kdz firmware for LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP), Now You can download it from below links.

Download LG ZONE 4 X210VPP (LMX210VPP) Firmware





Software Version:X210VPP12A_00

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210VPP12a_00_1121.kdz

KDZ File size:2549547594


If your phone is bricked, You can unbrick/restore it back to stock by flashing the X210VPP12a_00_1121.kdz with LGUP tool.

Need LGUP DLL for LMX210VPP, Please contact us at lgkdz@Hotmail.com




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