LG X2 2019 LM-X220N spotted on Android Enterprise website

A new LG smartphone with the model number LM-X220N was spotted on Google Android Enterprise website.

According to the listing, the official marketing name for the LM-X220N model is X2 2019. It features a 5.5-inch display, 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal Storage. It comes with Android 9 Pie out of the Box.

“brand”: “LGE”,
“name”: “X2 2019”,
“imageUrl”: “https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/mOg0iG6oUcUKfVIZmulMbf0hqRyoasIPoLxLD8yjCkybGC0c5afFYZsf2u-Vg_pEnZhT-fDOC6INVQ”,
“models”: “LM-X220N”,
“hardwareFeatures”: {
“formFactor”: “Phone”,
“display”: “5.5-inch”,
“ram”: “2.0GB”,
“flash”: “32GB”,
“os”: “Android 9”,
“telephonySupport”: “Telephony Supported”,
“nfcSupport”: “NFC Supported”,
“zeroTouchSupport”: “Zero Touch Supported”


In fact, the LM-X220n model received the RRA approval in June 2019.  It will be launched in South Korea Market.

According to the list of Google play supported devices, The code name for X2 2019 LM-X220N is mh5lm, and the code name for LG Aristo 3 LM-X220 is CV1S.  

LM-x220 and LM-X220N are not the same devices, even they share similar model numbers. we believe that LM-X220N is not LG Aristo Variant for South Korea.

Retail BrandingMarketing NameDeviceModel
LGELG Aristo 3cv1sLM-X220
LGELG Aristo 3+cv1sLM-X220
LGELG K8scv1sLM-X220
LGELG K8smcv1sLM-X220QMA
LGELG Tribute Empiremcv1sLM-X220PM
LGEX2 2019mh5lmLM-X220N