LG X Venture US Cellular US701 Stock firmware US70111a_01_1016.kdz

The LG X Venture (aka LG US701 ) on US Cellular is getting a new Software Update.

The Update is software version US70111a. It is a minor update with Security patch and bug fixes. After Update, Your phone’s Google Android Security Patch Level is October 2018!

Now You can install the Update with October 2018 Android Security patch via OTA and LG Bridge. Also, You can manually upgrade your phone by flashing the latest stock kdz firmware with LGUP tool.

Here you are the latest V11a stock firmware for LG X Venture US Cellular US701 


Model: LGUS701

Suffix: AUCLOP

Buyer: UCL

Software Version: US70111A_01

OS Version: Android Nought 7

File Name: US70111a_01_1016.kdz

KDZ File size: 1864538235


LG X Venture US Cellular US701 issues:

A hard reset on your phone will solve 99% software issues. If you bricked your LG X Venture US701 during the upgrade process, You can use LG bridge’s “Update error recovery” feature to restore your phone.

LG X Venture US Cellular US701 Simunlock?

Flashing the latest US70111a_01_1016.kdz with LG UP Can not unlock the SIM lock on your phone.

LG X Venture US Cellular US701 – Bypass Google FRP?

Flashing the latest US70111a_01_1016.kdz with LGUP does not allow you to bypass the Google FRP or Google Authorise verification process.


If your phone is stuck on Booting loop or LG LOGO screen, you can unbrick your phone by flashing the US70111a_01_1016.kdz with LGUP.


Learn how to unbrick/restore LG X Venture US Cellular US701 back to stock, please contact us at [email protected]