LG X Style (L53BL) user manual / guide

The LG L53BL is the GSM variant of the LG LG X Style L56VL.

It sports a 5.0 inch screen and runs on Marshmallow 6.0.1. It has a Quad-core processor, 5mp camera and uses the ATT 4G LTE network.

The LG X Style LG L53BL suppose to be coming out sometime for Tracfone & Net10 as well.

Below you can find the official user manual for the LG X Style (L53BL):

You can also find the online LG L53BL Tutorials at this page.

Please note that we can not download the firmware for the LG X Style (L53BL) via LG bridge, It seems that LG Bridge does not support the phone.

So please be careful, do not try to root your phone, if you bricked the LG X Style (L53BL), You need to send it to LG Repair Center.