LG X power 2 M320n Software Update history

Starting from Dec. 18th, 2017, LG X power 2 M320n in European countries should be able to upgrade their LG X power 2 M320N phone with a new software Update (Build: M320n10e).

The Update Build M320n10e brings latest Google Android Security Patch and Bug fixes.

The LG M320n Stock kdz firmware (M320N10e) is available for download from LG server.  You can get it from below URL

Please use XDM download manager to download the kdz file from above URL.

LG X power 2 M320 users in other countries please check the table below to find out if the Update is available on your phone.

We will update this post when there is a new software Update for LG X power 2, So please bookmark this page and check future software Update for your phone.


Model Suffix Buyer Country Live_Date [M/D/Year]
LGM320N DEC GERMANY COMMON DE/Germany 12/18/2017
LGM320N FRA FRA FR/France 12/18/2017
LGM320N VDH VODAFONE HU/Hungary 12/18/2017
LGM320N ITC ITALY COMMON IT/Italy 12/18/2017
LGM320N POC POLAND COMMON PL/Poland 12/18/2017
LGM320N IBR IBERIA COMMON ES/Spain 12/18/2017
LGM320N GBR UNITED KINGDOM GB/United Kingdom 12/18/2017
LGM320TV VIV VIVO BR/Brazil 12/16/2017
LGM320N ORY ORANGE EUROPE FR/France 12/12/2017
LGM320F CMC COMCEL CO/Colombia 12/2/2017
LGM320TV BOI OI BR/Brazil 11/17/2017
LGM320F CHL CHILE CL/Chile 11/2/2017
LGM320N TIM TIM IT/Italy 10/29/2017
LGM320H TPO TELCEL_SIMLOCK MX/Mexico 10/23/2017
LGM320H TCL TELCEL MX/Mexico 10/23/2017
LGM320F COL COLOMBIA CO/Colombia 10/18/2017
LGM320F MIA MIAMI_OPEN PA/Panama 10/18/2017
LGM320 GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates 10/11/2017
LGM320 ARE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE/United Arab Emirates 10/11/2017
LGM320 AGR AGR DZ/Algeria 10/7/2017
LGM320K IDN INDONESIA ID/Indonesia 10/7/2017
LGM320 IRN IRAN IR/Iran (Islamic Republic of) 10/7/2017
LGM320N PLS PLUS PL/Poland 10/4/2017
LGM320N P4P P4 PL/Poland 10/4/2017
LGM320TV BRA BRAZIL BR/Brazil 9/30/2017
LGM320N PNN PANNON HU/Hungary 9/28/2017
LGM320DSN HKG HONG KONG HK/China 9/23/2017
LGM320 CIS CIS 04/Cis 9/19/2017
LGM320 CIS CIS 04/Cis 9/19/2017