LG VS810PP for Verizon Wireless passes through the FCC

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The FCC today approved an unannounced yet LG handset, LG-VS810PP. It features support for LTE Bands 4 and 13, According to SAR test report.

The “VS” prefix in the model number suggest that it is a device for Verizon wireless, and the “PP” suffix means “prepaid”. So the handset could be launched by Verizon wireless under its prepaid plans.


According to FCC documents, the LG VS810PP measures 127.5×67.9mm and its display diagonal size is 115mm, which is about 4.5 inch. The handset also has a normal battery cover and a standard 2150mAh lithium-ion battery. It supports Wi-Fi hotspot and Wi-Fi direct (2.4 GHz ONLY.)

Moreover, The UA PROFILE for the LG VS810PP was spotted on Verizon Wireless official website. According to the handset’s UA Profile listing, the LG VS810PP comes with a display of 480×800 pixel resolutions, other specs revealed in the UA Profile includes Android 4.4.2 OS and Chrome for mobile browser (Ver. 35.0.1916.141).

So far, Verizon Wireless has not announced the LG VS810PP yet. We will let you know when further details about the handset are available.

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Source: LG VS810pp UA Profile, FCC