LG Viper (LS840) User Manual / Guide (ICS Version)

Hello, Sprint LG Viper(LS840) Owners, Did you know that you can update your LG Viper (LS840) smart phone to Android 4.0 OS(Ice Cream Sandwich). LG Viper 4G LTE Software Update – LS840ZVI is available.

Have not update your device yet? Click here for instruction on how to upgrade LG Viper to Android 4.0 ICS. If you’ve updated your LG Viper to Android 4.0 OS, You will need this updated user manual for LG Viper (LS840).

The LG Official has updated the user guide for this device to include Ice Cream Sandwich in it. Some of the new features found on Ice Cream Sandwich has been included into the updated manual, including multi-tasking capability.

New to Android 4.0 ICS? Do not worry, The LG Viper (LS840) User Manual / Guide with ICS will help you to understand the new features, icons & symbols, settings included in Android 4.0 OS.

Download LG Viper (LS840) User Manual / Guide (ICS Version)

If you missed the OTA update, or, If you have got some issues with your device after this ICS update, Please Leave Your Comments.