LG Viper (LS840) ICS Update Issues?

Got some problems with your LG Viper after the ICS update?

Please tell us, we can work together to trouble shooting kinds of LG Viper ICS update Issues and solve the problems.

Have not Update your device to Android 4.0 ICS yet? Click for instructions on how to update your LG Viper to Android 4.0.

1) Gallery Apps does not Show any Photo?

You can solve the gallery problems by clearing the Apps Cache, Data, and Defaults:

From Home Screen->Menu->Settings–> Manage Applications–> All
Tap Gallery to launch the App info page–> Tap Clear Cache, Clear Data, and Clear defaults
Reboot Your device, launch the gallery apps.

Another solution:

This is the “Media Storage” Apps issue.

You can go settings-> Manage Application->All->Media Storage-> App info-> clear data, clear cache.

This does not remove any media from your device, but does clear the database that most applications use to look for new songs, playlists, photos, etc. You need to reboot your device to refresh the media database.

2) Camera forces close? Camera Fail to launch?
If you are using the external SD card for the Camera to store photos, Camera Apps will failed to be launched if the SD card space is low. You need to free up some memory space.

You can also try to clear camera defaults, and then use the internal storage for Camera.

From Home Screen->Menu->Settings–> Manage Applications–> All
Tap Gallery to launch the App info page–> Tap Clear Cache, Clear Data, and Clear defaults
Reboot your device, launch the Camera Apps

7 thoughts on “LG Viper (LS840) ICS Update Issues?”

  1. Device Lag? Try this:

    Home screen-> Menu-Settings->Developer options>Window animation scale, Transition animation scale

    Do you know how to clear RAM?

    1) Tap and hold the Home Key . A screen with the icons and a preview of applications that you’ve used recently will appear.
    2) the application icon to the right or left, this will stop the Apps in RAM.

  2. LG Viper (LS840)battery drains Fast?

    First, check battery usage:

    From Home screen > Tap Menu for settings> System settings > About phone > Battery > Battery use.

    The Battery use screen shows which applications consume the most battery power. You can also use it to turn off applications that you‟ve downloaded, if they are consuming too much power.

    Second, Use the Power Control Widget to improve battery life.

    1. Tap to access the Home screen.
    2. Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen.
    3. Tap the Widgets tab.
    4. Select the Power Control Widget.

    Also, you can improve your battery by:

    1)Close or disable any third party applications running in the background.
    2)Disable the Live Wall Paper
    3)Turn Off 4G when you are in weak 4G radio area.
    4)Clear RAM
    5)Disable your browser to load website with Pictures,Java Scripts, and Block Pop-up
    6)Disable your browser to preload search result in background.
    7)Disable Bloatware.

    If you just upgrade your device.

    It takes at least 72 hours for your device to build cache, sync data and etc. The initial setting up after ICS update at the first 72 hours drains battery double than the average usage.

    By the way, ICS means more background thread than previous Android OS.For Example, A windows 7 based PC’s battery drains faster than a computer with DOS.

  3. WiFi issues, maybe this is caused by some 3rd party android apps.

    Are you using the default launcher, or something like Apex Launcher?

  4. Please try go Application manager-> All-> Locate the “Google Services Framework” -> App Info –>Clear Data, Clear Cache

  5. Current issues since ICS update:

    WiFi turns itself on randomly
    Battery life is only 2 hours with no use
    (I understand that could be directly linked
    to the WiFi issue.)
    Pictures won’t send, either by e-mail or SMS

    Hurdle in trying anything:

    Phone is in NYC for next month with a non-gadget friendly S/O for work. S/O needs the phone to function properly for work, but anytime I start telling him anything about anything electronic, he says it’s Greek to him. I need as simple an explanation/instructions as possible, if anyone can offer any assistance.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. A major issue I’m having is that ever since the update, my phone has been slowed considerably. I can never get RAM usage under 450mb, and my phone lags almost all the time. It is agitating, and the battery life has lowered by at least 50%.

    I’m not sure if anything can be done, and I do not use many apps at all, so if there’s nothing to be done, I might just downgrade back to Gingerbread.

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