LG Viper ICS update issues- No firmware update available?

“No firmware update available” issue?

“The update was pushed to my phone on the 1st, but it didn’t stick for some reason. Now my phone says there’s no firmware update available. Anyone else experiencing this sort of problem?”

“I have had the same issue today. the people at customer service (phone) have as of right now transfered me three times and still cant figure it out.”

“I’m not sure whether this is the same issue as you two; I got a message that my phone had downloaded the upgrade, allowed my phone to reboot to update, but am still at 2.3 and the phone says “No firmware update available.”


Go to Settings>Applications>Storage use then find “Google Services Framework” click it, clear data, then reboot your phone. Once I did this, I went to System Updates and clicked on Update LG and the update was there waiting for me.

2 thoughts on “LG Viper ICS update issues- No firmware update available?”

  1. Hi, Lisa, Have you ever root your LG Viper? every installed any custom ROM?
    Have you ever backup your device data? Can you access the Android recovery mode by press volume up button + home button + power button?

  2. Your instructions worked and the phone ended up rebooting with the triangle/yield error message and never updated the LG software. Any suggestions?

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