LG VELVET Model numbers

LG VELVET Model numbers & differences

Several model variants of the LG Velvet were revealed by a listing on the Wireless Power Consortium website.

As You can see from the above screenshot, LG will launch at least six model variants of the LG Velvet: LM-G900UM, LM-G900QM, LM-G900GM, LM-G900FMW, LM-G900EMW, LM-G900EM.

LG VELVET Model numbers

The LG Velvet with model number LM-G900EM and LM-G900GM has just passed through the FCC certification process, hinting that LG might release the LG Velvet in the U.S. very soon.

According to the SAR test report for LG Velvet submitted to the FCC, The LG Velvet (FCC ID: ZNFG900EM) supports GSM 850/1900, WCDMA 850/1900 And 4G LTE Band 12, 17, 5, 4, 2, 41.

The South Korea Version of the LG Velvet has the model number LMG900N, which was spotted on the LG OpenSource code Distribution website.

Source: https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/products