LG VELVET Dual Screen LM-G905N passes through RRA certification

The South Korea Version of the LG VELVET carrying the model number LM-G905N has just passed through the RRA certification.

LG VELVET Dual Screen

As you can see from the above screenshot, The LM-G905N (LMG905N, G905N) received the RRA certification today.

The LM-G905N could be the South Korea version of the upcoming LG Velvet which will be launched on May 16.

As usual, The RRA certification does not mention the LG Velvet Specs and features in detail!

It is reported that LG will launch the LG Velvet within the price range of  800,000 won to 900,000 won (about 657 USD to 740 USD).

By the way, LG Velvet with model number LM-G910EMW gets the ANATEL certification in Brazil several days ago.

Source: https://rra.go.kr/ko/license/A_b_popup.do?app_no=202017210000110424