LG Velvet Android 11 stable released in South Korea

After launching the Android 11 beta program Last December, LG has officially started releasing the Android 11 Update for the LG Velvet in South Korea.

LG official is rolling out the Android 11 (LG UX 10 )Final Build for the LG Velvet LMG900N (LM-G900N, G900N) in South Korea.

The update arrives as software version  G900N2C.

LG Velvet Android 11 Final release – ChangeLog

  • Added a notification window for the conversation
  • Added “Bubble” function for messages
  • Added function to check the history of deleted notifications
  • Added “Allow this time only” feature to grant permission only once while running the application
  • Added the ability to hide silent notifications from IoT devices
  • Function to hide the navigation bar added in Night time-lapse gesture mode
  • Quick view function added to camera settings
  • QR code scan function added to camera settings
  • Added the ability to adjust the size and position of the keyboard

LG official has not announced the Android 11 Update plan for the LG Velvet launched in the U..S and European countries.

For your information, LG has already released the Android 11 Kernel source code for the AT&T LG Velvet LMV600AM model.

Wish At&t  LG Velvet will get the Android 11 update soon. By the way, You can find the Android 11 code for AT&T LG Velvet here.