LG Velvet Android 11 software update plan announced

LG Korea today announced its software update plan for the first quarter of 2021.

As per LG official, The South Korea Version LG Velvet will get the Android 11 OS Update in Q1 2021!

The upgrade schedule is subject to change according to the development and communication provider approval procedures, so if there is a schedule change, we will notify you again.

The list of OS upgrade expected models is a model before the detailed technical review, and the target of OS upgrade is not finalized.

In the future, if it is judged that it does not provide optimal usability to customers during the detailed technical review process, it may be excluded from the OS upgrade.

Also, the list of models subject to OS upgrade is for Korea, so it is not applied equally to other countries.

About two weeks ago, LG South Korea announced its plans for the Android 11 OS Preview Program which will bring Android 10 beta to the LG Velvet smartphone!

LG Velvet Android 11 Beta Changelog

Added a notification window for conversation

Added message bubble function Added function to check deleted notification history

Added’Allow this time only’ function to grant permission only once when running the app

Added the ability to hide silent notifications IoT device control function added to the power screen

Navigation bar hiding function added to gesture mode Night time lapse and quick view function added to basic camera application

QR code scanning function added to basic camera application settings

Added keyboard size and position adjustment function


Target model:

LG VELVET users (SKT/KT/LG U+/Korea self-sufficiency system)