LG LMT600L Gets Certified by RRA In Korea

[Update 1] LM-T600 received Wi-Fi Alliance certification.

[Update 2] LG-T600 Pie Kernal source code posted on the LG open Source website.

We are digging through the kernel source code for LM-T600, and wish to find something interesting.

[Update 3]

We do find something interesting, There are 2 battery profiles in the code.

As you can see from the above screenshot, one is for an 8200mAh battery, and another is for a 6000mAh battery!

So, It is possible that the LG LM-T600 is a new tablet with MSM8996 Soc and runs on Android 9.0 Pie OS!

By the way, The LM-T600US is an unlocked variant coming to the U.S.

An upcoming LG device carrying the model number LM-T600L (aka LMT600L) has just received radio certification in South Korea by RRA – South Korea version of the FCC.

The LG LM-T600L is an LG U+ Variant, Just like many other LG devices with the “L” suffix in the model number, said our tipster.

Several days, The LG LM-T600L model number was spotted in a leaked document which confirms the existence of LM-T600L device.

Based on the leaked document, LG is working on the firmware for LMT600L – LMT600L-V09e-LGU-KR-xx-xx-2019, which is very close to V10a.  

For your information, every newly released LG device has the software version V10a.

Today, LG Electronics sent an invitation letter to global media to announce the launch of its strategic smartphones in the second half of the year.

LG Electronics will unveil its upgraded LG Dual Screen with new smartphones to launch in the global market in IFA 2019 held in Berlin on September 6th, 2019.

LM-V510N is the upcoming LG V60, Said our tipster!