LG V510 receives its WiFi certification, A wi-fi only Tablet?

There have been rumors recently of an upcoming LG V510 tablet. And There have been speculations about a particular story – that the LG V510 is actually the G pad 8.3’s LTE version.

Although these speculations are indeed quite intriguing, our correspondents confirmed that the LG V510 is definitely not the LTE version of the G pad 8.3. The latest news is that the LG V510 model has got its Wi-Fi certification and the documentation lists the LG-V510 as a Wi-Fi only tablet.


Also, certain leaked information from LG has got us believing that the V510 is a tablet for Google But, until any specific confirmation is received from the brand, the matter is still under speculation and at this point, nothing can be confirmed.

Will Google release the Wi-Fi only tablet? Could this be the Wi-fi only version Nexus 8 ? Let us know what you think and why. We would love to hear your opinion.