LG V495 spotted in UA Profile, could be the LG G Pad F 7.0 for AT & T


The LG-V495 could be the AT & T Version LG G PAD F 7.0., while the LG V497 could be the G pad F 7.0 for AT & T.
The LG V495/V497 model feature a screen of 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, similar to that of what Sprint G Pad F 7.0 LK430 has.

A new LG device carrying the model number LG-V495 was spotted in a UA Profile on LG official website.

According to the UA profile, The LG V495 model will come with a display of 1280X800 Pixel resolution.


Unfortunately, The UA Profile does not mention the screen size of the LG V495.

According to our tipster, The V495’s code name is “T8”, it could be the successor of the LG G pad 8.3 with LTE.

Now, we can confirm the existence of the LG V495 model, and we are pretty sure that the LG V495 tablet is coming to AT & T. We found the device listed in a database entry on the LG website which shows “ATT” as the Buyer.


Other Specs of the LG V495 tablet remain mystery at the moment.

Stay Tuned!