LG V410 Receive DLNA Certification, Is it Another Google play Edition LG tablet?

Another unannounced yet LG tablet sporting model number of “LG-V410” Received DLNA Certification on April 28.

Days ago, Two LG wi-fi only tablets (LG V700 and LG V400) have received the FCC Approval.

Since the “LG-V510” was the Google Play Edition of G pad 8.3 (LG-V500), This LG V410 might be the google play edtion of the LG V400 tablet.


It is interesting that we also found a database entry on LG website, As you can see from below screen shot, the buyer entry reads “ATT”. It means that The LG V410 is on its way to AT & T.


Is this LG V410 a google play edtion tablet with latest Android OS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: http://certification.dlna.org/certs/REG18887235.pdf