LG V35 receive Velvet UI update

The LG V35 ThinQ ((LM-V350n) is getting a new software update that brings the latest LG Velvet UI.

LG Velvet UI is the company’s latest skin that runs on top of AOSP.  Formerly known as LG UX, the Velvet UI was announced early this year as part of the LG Velvet and LG Velvet 5G devices.

According to LG officials,  the update arrives as software version V350N30b, and it is now available via OTA and LG Bridge.

LG V35 ThinQ Velvet UI update

  • -S/W Version: V350N30b (LG U+) (11/16)
  • -S/W Version: V350N30b (KT) (11/16)
  • -S/W Version: V350N30b (SKT) (11/16)
  • -S/W Version: V350NO30b (Self-sufficient) (11/16)
  • -Point color settings have been added.
  • -The design of the volume control bar provided on the screen when the volume button is pressed has been improved.
  • -The call popup size has been improved to be smaller.
  • -Chat + message reservation transmission function has been added (LG U+, KT, SKT)
  • -Added settings for each day of the week to the automatic restart function of the mobile phone (LG U+, KT, self-sufficiency)
  • -Mobile phone security has been strengthened with regular Google security updates.

and you can find more screenshots of LG V35 THinQ with Velvet UI via this Link.

You can download and install LG Bridge and then use LG Bridge to upgrade your LG V35 ThinQ with the latest Velvet UI.