LG V35 bootloader can now be unlocked

Is it possible to unlock the bootloader of LG V35? The answer is yes.

Below are some photos shared by the Guy who successfully unlocked the bootloader of LG V35.

As you can see from the above screenshot,  The bootloader of LG V35 is unlocked, and the device is rooted. These screenshots look too good to be fake and everything makes sense.  According to a member at xda forum, LG V40 bootloader unlock and root is also possible.

It is pity that the developers do not want to share the guides on how to unlock bootloader & root LG V35 or LG V40.

Due to Vulnerability within the verification of bootloader for the V30 model series, many LG V30 users can unlock the bootloader of LG V30 with Pre-July Security patches.

We believe that there is some similar Vulnerability on LG V35 and LG V40, We will try to contact this developer and find out how to unlock the bootloader of LG V35.