LG V30 ThinQ Software Update

LG official is rolling out a new software update for the LG V30 ThinQ in South Korea.

The update arrives as software version V30p and the latest Android Security Patch.

Here is the ChangeLog

V30 ThinQ Software Update:


  • -S / W Version: V300L30p (LG U +) (1/13)
  • -S / W Version: V300K30p (KT) (1/16)
  • -S / W Version: V300S30p (SKT) (1/13)


  • -Improved compatibility with third-party Bluetooth connected products.
  • -Improved an error where the link could not be touched if the web address sent in the message contained certain characters.
  • -Google Security Updates enhance your phone’s security.

The Update is currently available via OTA and LG Bridge.

If you fail to install the update through OTA, You can download and install LG Bridge and then use LG Bridge to install the software update on your LG V30 ThinQ.