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LG V30 H930 will get Pie Update soon in Australia, Turkey and South Afraica

LG V30 owners in Australia, Turkey, and South Africa should see the Android Pie Update on their devices very soon.

According to our tipster, LG official has already finished the test for Pie firmware build v30a for the LGH930DS (Australia) and LG H930G (Turkey, South Africa).

LGH930G-V30a-ZAF-XX-JUL-18-2019+0 – South Africa

LGH930G-V30a-TUR-XX-JUL-18-2019+0 – Turkey

LGH930DS-V30a-AUS-XX-JUL-18-2019+0  Australia

The V30a firmware for LG H930G and LG H930DS was tested on July 18.  As the LG has revised the firmware software version to V30a, we believe that LG is ready to roll out the Pie Update soon in coming days.

For LG V30 H930G owners in Tukey and South Africa, Your phone’s current software version should be V20d, because the Update is from V20d to V30a.

For LG V30 H930DS, The Pie Update is from V20f to V30a. make sure that your phone has the software version V20f.