LG V20 with Android 9 Pie Spotted on Android Enterprise website

Google has just added the LG V20 to the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory!

The LG V20 was launched in 2016 with Android Nougat operating system. Since its initial release,  The LG V20 received only one major update which brings the Android Oreo OS Upgrade

The LG V20 from T-mobile and Verizon wireless received the Android Oreo Update in September 2019, and it still being stuck on Android 8.0 Oreo.

In July 2019, The Android Pie beta firmware for South Korea Version LG V20, LGF800LAT-V27b-IOT-KR-JUL-08-2019+0, leaked online.

According to our tipster, LG is still testing the beta firmware build v28a for LG V20 in South Korea.

As we learned from LG official, The LG V20 is capable for the Android pie update but we don’t have an idea when it will be released.

ALL LG V20 with the following model numbers should get the Pie Update. But, LG official promised the Pie Update for LG V20 in South Korea only.

The carriers in other countries may choose not to push out the Pie update for the LG V20 models.

   "brand": "LGE",
   "name": "V20",
   "imageUrl": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nCu0LU4KLK4xv15bN-VeHp_GnlD2lQMHVWuaKRa2w3l4XUPChQwNxfToBzHnYR2RBHXYHKa0Evg",
   "models": "LG-US996, LG-H990, LG-H910PR, LGV34, LG-LS997, LG-F800L, LG-F800K, LG-H915, LG-H910, LG-F800S, LG-H918, VS995",
   "hardwareFeatures": {
    "formFactor": "Phone",
    "display": "5.7-inch",
    "ram": "4.0GB",
    "flash": "64GB",
    "os": "Android 9",
    "telephonySupport": "Telephony Supported",
    "fingerprintSupport": "Fingerprint Supported",
    "nfcSupport": "NFC Supported",
    "zeroTouchSupport": "Zero Touch Supported"