LG V20 H990N now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update

LG official is rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the HongKong version of the LG V20 H990N (Suffix: HKG).

The Update is software version H99020D. It is now available via OTA and LG bridge for the LG V20 H990N sold in Hongkong only – LG H990N with HKG Suffix.

LG also released the stock Android Oreo 8.0 firmware for LG V20 H990N in KDZ format and made it available for download from LG official server. Now You can download it from the below link:

Download LG V20 H990N Android 8.0 Oreo Firmware





Software Version:H99020F_00

OS Version:O

File Name:H990N20f_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_1214.kdz

KDZ File size:2764978419


Google Drive Mirror: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X9jibYlyhGnmnK6DzDn99TJzed3d80ft H990N20d_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0920.kdz

If you fail to upgrade your LG V20 H990 via OTA update, You can download the above H990N20d_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0920.kdz and upgrade your phone to Android Oreo by flashing the H990N20d_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0920.kdz with LGUP.

We did not know the Qfuse (Anti-rollback ) Version of the H990N20d, If it is higher than the Qfuse version on your phone, You will not be able to downgrade the OS to Android N 7.0 after the update. [ARB Version is 00, confirmed]

Need to download LG Bridge? You can get it from below links.

LG Bridge windows: LGBridge_Setup.exe
LG Bridge Mac:LGBridge_Mac.dmg

Need LG UP TOOL to upgrade your LG V20 H990N to Android Oreo, You can get it here.

LG UP DLL for LG V20, Get it here LGUP_Common_DLL_Ver_1_0_28_5.msi

If you are experiencing any issues with the Oreo Update for LG V20 H990N, or need any help, please contact us at [email protected]

P/s Here is the changelog of the h990n20d Update

– [Home Screen layout] Some apps may be placed differently in Home & app drawer. To keep using Home & app drawer select Home after the software update finishes. Then go to Settings > Home screen > Select Home and set to Home & app drawer.
– Android OS Upgrade
– [Changed Privacy Policy Terms] The Privacy Policy of LG Software update has been changed.
– [Comfort view improved] The blue light filter in Comfort view has been improved. You can now adjust between 10 levels.
– [Home touch buttons improved] The Home touch buttons can now be hidden while using apps.
– [Icon shapes added] New app icon shapes have been added.
– [Improved Settings layout] Finding what you want in Settings is now easier than ever.
– [Improved app notifications] Each app’s notifications can now be managed all in one place.
– [Improved notifications] The notification badge for app icons now displays according to the notifications you have in the notification panel.
– [Improved performance] To improve battery life and phone performance apps now run less in the background.
– [More codec supported] Sony’s codec LDAC is now supported when using Bluetooth headsets that work with the codec.
– [Quick info] Apps on the Home screen can now do more. You can touch and hold an app icon to see its notifications widgets and info.