LG V20 (F800L, F800K, F800S) Android Pie Update now available

October 31, 2019

LG V20 F800L, F800K, and F800S received an Android 9.0 Pie Update in South Korea.

September 16, 2019

The development of Android 9.0 Pie firmware for LG V20 in South Korea is almost completed.

LG is testing the V30a firmware – possible the Android 9.0 Pie Final for the LG V20 (F800L, F800S).

For the LG V20 F800K, LG is testing the v30b firmware on a test model of F800K (IoT_F800K).

For your information, IoT stands for Item of Test. LG will test the v30b firmware on a Marketing model with the model number LG-F800K.



September 12, 2019

LG has just finished the test for Android 9.0 Pie beta Build V28g for the LG V20 ( F800L, F800K, and F800S).

LG-F800L-20K-to-28g.up (1.90GB)

LG-F800S-20K-to-28g.up (1.91GB)

LG-F800K-20K-to-28g.up (1.95GB)

It is sad that the firmware comes with May 2019 Android Security Patch Level.

Learn how to use LGUP to upgrade your LG V20 to Android 9 Pie beta, visit this guide at xda forum. 

or you can follow this guide. – LGUP’s FOTA Update

For your information, The Beta firmware may still have some issues and bugs. Use it at your own risks.


August 22, 2019

The Android 9 Pie Beta V28b is ready. It is an OTA update from V20k to V28b.

ModelOlder VersionNew VersionSizeDate




July 30, 2019

LG has just finished the Android Pie Beta firmware Version V28a for South Korea LG V20 (F800L/K/S) smartphone.


The beta firmware update is from v20k to v28a. For example, the Beta Update for LG F800L is F800L-V20k-LGU-to-F800L-V28a-LGU.up

Can not wait for the official release? You can use LGUP to sideload this F800L-V20k-LGU-to-F800L-V28a-LGU.up to upgrade LG F800K to Android Pie Beta V28a.

Make sure that your LG V20 F800L’s current software version is V20k!

Download LG V20 Android Pie Beta


Try it at your own risks.

It may has bugs.

You may experience kinds of issues with this beta firmware

You may not be able to roll back to Android Oreo.

You’d better wait for the final release from LG official



Here you are LG V20 Android Pie beta screenshots, Thanks  Deadmeat03  at XDA forum.


LG official is testing the Android Pie Beta firmware build V27b for the LG V20 F800L in South Korea.

According to our sources, the Pie Beta firmware – LGF800LAT-V27b-IOT-KR-JUL-08-2019+0 – was tested on an IoT (Item of Test) model.

The LG V20 (F800L, F800K, and F800S) Received the Android Oreo Update (V20a) in July

LG Official promised that the LG V20 will get Android Pie Update in Q3 2019 in South Korea. We do not know if LG will release the Pie update for LG V20 model variants in other Countries.

The Pie Beta firmware F800L-V27b-IOT.up is an OTA Update file, It is not fully optimized and It may have many bugs, So we will not share it here.

You should wait for the final release from LG official, When it is available, you will be able to install the Pie Update for via OTA and LG Bridge.