LG V20 confirmed to get Android Pie in Q3 2019

Will my LG V20 get Android PIE Update?

Yes, LG will release the Android Pie Update for the LG V20, at least for the South Korea variants.

When we can see Android PIE on LG V20?

Q3, 2019, According to LG official website.

[OS upgrade] 2019 Pie upgrade target model

<Note> OS upgrade notes
– Schedule of upgrade can be changed according to development and communication service provider approval procedure.
– The OS upgrade expectation model list is not the final confirmation of the OS upgrade target as the model before the detailed technical review.
If we do not provide optimal usability to our customers during the detailed technical review process in the future, they may be excluded from OS upgrades.
Also, the OS upgrade target model list is applicable to Korea, so it is not applicable to other countries.

[Expected Target Model and Expected Schedule]

– Q1’19: G7 ThinQ (completed), V35 ThinQ
– Q2 ’19: V40 ThinQ, V30, V30S
– Q3 ’19: G6, V20, Q8 (2018)
– Q4 ’19: Q9, X5 (2018)

The LG V35 ThinQ will get PIE Update in Q1 2019, LG V40, V30, and V30S are expected to get the PIE Update in Q2 2019.

LG G6, V20 and Q8 (2018) will get the PIE Update in Q3, while LG Q9 and X5 2018 owners should see the PIE in Q4 2019.

As mentioned in LG official statements, the target model list is applicable to Korea only, so it is not applicable to other countries.

So, it is possible that only the South Korea version of the LG V20 will get the Android PIE Update.