LG V10 (F600L,F600K,F660S) Android Nougat Update changelog and Enhancements

LG V10 Android N 7.0 Software Update changelog

LG V10 (F600L,F600K,F660S) Android Nougat Update Enhancements


– See the LG website for more details.

– Android OS Upgrade

– [App menu button added] A menu button will now automatically appear in the Home touch buttons for some downloaded apps

– [Blocked numbers added] You can now block both calls and messages from a number by just adding it once.

– [Statuses and suggestions added] You can now easily manage .settings that are being used and see suggestions on what to use in Settings.

– [Data saver added] You can now restrict mobile data in the background.

– [Theme added] You can now change the wallpaper app icons font etc. to a theme of your choice. Home themes downloaded from LG SmartWorld will not be immediately available. Check LG

SmartWorld to see when the themes are available.

– [App notifications made easier] You can now reply directly to someone’s message from a social networking app within the notification. You can also silence or block an app’s notifications within

the notification panel.

– [Display size setting added] You can now adjust the size of the items on the screen to your liking.

– [Do not disturb changed] you can now have Do not disturb turn on during calendar events.

– [Fingerprints made conveniently] You can now set your fingerprint as a .screen lock in the Lock .screen .settings.

– [Game battery saver changed] You can now optimize individual games.

– [Knock Code changed] Knock codes can now have up to 10 taps. Knock codes with more than 8 taps can only unlock the screen when it is on.

– [Language settings changed] You can now reorder languages based on priority.

– [lock .screen changed] You can now see more of your notifications. Swipe on the Lock screen to unlock if you have a secure screen lock.

– [App data setting added] You can now store app data on the SD card instead of the internal storage to save space.

– [Multi window added] You can now use two apps at the same time.

– [Quick settings changed] Quick settings.s in the notification panel can now be expanded to show more settings.