LG Stylo 4 LMQ710MS DLL for LGUP

Here you can download the LMQ710MS DLL for LGUP, The LG UP DLL Ver for MetroPCS LG Stylo 4 LMQ710MS.

You need to install the LGUP DLL properly when you trying to flash the stock firmware onto your phone with LGUP.

The LGUP DLL allows LGUP to detect your phone model number and current software version.

The LG Stylo 4 LMQ710MS DLL is LGUP_common.dll Ver.

Now You can download the LG Stylo 4 LMQ710MS DLL for LGUP from below links.


How to Install LGUP DLL

  1. Download and unzip LGUP_common[Q710ms-].zip
  2. Rename LGUP_common[Q710ms-].dll into LGUP_common.dll
  3. Move LGUP_common.dll into C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\commonand Overwrite the existing DLL file.

Bypass LGUP Model Check?

  1. You can use an app called “uppercut.exe” modified by XDA developers to bypass LGUP model check.