LG Ultimate 2 (LG L41C) Price, Specs and features

The LG Ultimate 2 (aks LG L41C) from Tracfone and StraigtTalk is one model variant of the LG L70 that has been availlable for a while. Verizon Wireless is offering the same device with model number LGVS450PP as Optimus Exceed 2. MetroPCS is selling the device as LG L70 which comes with model number LG-MS323.

The LG Ultimate 2 (LG L41C) has a similar UI as the known LG G2, this device will have KnockOn feature and LG’s security lock feature called KnockCode which LG claims it has over 800,000 codes, a MicroSD card Slot and a removable battery can be seen on the device.

The phone features a 5MP Camera with LG’s known OIS.

Phone will have a Guest Mode with special KnockCode to protect your private stuff from people you borrow your phone.

LG famous QSlide is found on this device as well known to open certain apps atop of another.

LG Ultimate 2 (LG L41C) Price:

1. Straight Talk LG L41C now available through walmart for $129.88
2. QVC is offering the LG L41C with 1200 Minutes Text & Data
3. The Ultimate 2 l41c is now listed on the Tracfone and StraightTalk website for just $130.

LG Ultimate 2 (LG L41C) Reviews:

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LG Ultimate 2 (LG L41C) Specs and features

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