LG to launch the G8x and V50s at IFA 2019

It is reported that LG will unveil its LG G8x and V50s at IFA 2019.

LG Electronics has filed a trademark for the name “V50s” in South Korea.

According to the mobile communication industry on the 13th, The new smartphone to be launched in IFA 2019  is ‘V50S ThinQ’.

The LG V50s is a 5G only high-end smartphone for the South Korea market only.

However, it is known that the same product will be released as ‘G8X’ overseas, and the LG G8x supports 4G LTE, it does not feature support for 5G technology.

From this link, You can read the complete report.

LG official today posted a 15-second video clip – the dual-screen feature of its upcoming smartphone to be launched at IFA 2019.