From below table, You can check the LG Stylus 2 K520 software version and update history.

* This page will be updated when there is a new software update available for LG Stylus 2 K520.

* last update date of this page is Jan 25, 2018.

  • v10a / v10b / v10c is Android M 6.0 in below table
  • v20a /  20b  is Android N 7.0 in below table

According to LG open source website, Several LG K520D, K520DY and K520TR model variants have already received the Android N 7.0 Software Update.

The Android N 7.0 software update for the European LG Stylus K520 model should be available soon.

Model Suffix Buyer Country Software Version Live Date
LGK520DY AGR AGR DZ/Algeria  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-25
LGK520DY IRN IRAN IR/Iran (Islamic Republic of)  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-18
LGK520DY GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-18
LGK520DY ARE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE/United Arab Emirates  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-18
LGK520K CCM CELLCOM IL/Israel  LGK520K_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-18
LGK520K ORI ORANGE ISRAEL IL/Israel  LGK520K_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-10
LGK520DY IDN INDONESIA ID/Indonesia  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-04
LGK520DY PHL PHILIPPINES PH/Philippines  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2018-01-04
LGK520TR TUR TURKEY TR/Turkey  LGK520_Nougat_K520D_v20a 2018-01-03
LGK520K ISR ISRAEL IL/Israel  LGK520K_Nougat_v20a 2017-12-27
LGK520DY TWN TAIWAN TW/Taiwan  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-12-06
LGK520DY IND INDIA IN/India  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-06-15
LGK520K ZAF SOUTH AFRICA ZA/South Africa  LGK520K_Nougat_v20a 2017-04-05
LGK520DY THA THAILAND TH/Thailand  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-03-02
LGK520D KAZ KAZAKHSTAN KZ/Kazakhstan LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-02-28
LGK520DY VNM VIETNAM VN/Viet Nam  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-02-22
LGK520K PCL PCL IL/Israel  LGK520K_Nougat_v20a 2017-02-17
LGK520 PLS PLUS PL/Poland 2017-01-26
LGK520 TMA T-MOBILE AT/Austria 2017-01-17
LGK520 P4P P4 PL/Poland 2017-01-15
LGK520 O2U O2 GB/United Kingdom 2017-01-15
LGK520 HAS HUTCHISON AT/Austria 2017-01-09
LGK520DY AFR NIGERIA NG/Nigeria  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2017-01-04
LGK520K AUS AUSTRALIA AU/Australia 2016-12-13
LGK520K OPT OPTUS AU/Australia 2016-12-12
LGK520 NLD NLD NL/Netherlands 2016-12-09
LGK520DY NGR NIGERIA NG/Nigeria  LGK520_Nougat_v20a 2016-12-09
LGK520 SWS Switzerland CH/Switzerland 2016-11-19
LGK520 HUN HUNGARY HU/Hungary 2016-11-10
LGK520 GBR UNITED KINGDOM GB/United Kingdom 2016-11-10
LGK520 BAL BALTICS 01/Baltics 2016-11-07
LGK520 DEU GERMANY DE/Germany 2016-11-07
LGK520 GRC GREECE GR/Greece 2016-11-07
LGK520 FRA FRA FR/France 2016-11-07
LGK520 ITA ITALY IT/Italy 2016-11-07
LGK520 POL POLAND PL/Poland 2016-11-07
LGK520 ROM ROMANIA RO/Romania 2016-11-07
LGK520 PRT PORTUGAL PT/Portugal 2016-11-07
LGK520 ESP SPAIN ES/Spain 2016-11-07