LG Stylo2 K540 USB Drivers & LG Bridge

Can I fix or restore my LG Stylo2 K540 with LG Bridge?

The answer is no.  LG Bridge does not support LG K540 and many other LG Devices from Cricket Wireless.

Why LG Bridge cannot check the software version of LG Stylo2 K540?

The LG Stylo2 K540 on Cricket Wireless Supports Software Update OTA only.

LG bridge is a TOOL from LG official, It is software available for Windows PC or Mac OS that lets you backup, restore, and update your LG phone.

In the U.S., Only LG devices from T-mobile, Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS and Cellular supports Firmware Update via LG Bridge and OTA. Some Unlocked LG devices were supported by LG Bridge.

Check if your LG devices are supported by LG Bridge, PLEAS Check this Page 

Anyway, You can still download and Install LG bridge via this Link, Installing the LG Bridge will also install the latest USB Drivers for LG K540.

Here you can download the latest LG USB Drivers for LG Stylo2 K540 smartphone.

LG USB Drivers Ver. 4.2 for Windows


LG USB Drivers Ver. 5.2 for Mac


The LG Stylo2 K5400 USB Drivers Package includes LG MTP drivers for file transfer between phone & PC, LG ADB drivers for Fastboot Mode & LG Serial Port Driver for flashing a Firmware in the Download Mode.