LG Stylo 4 GIF Capture: How to fix GIF Capture button is grayed out issue

Some LG Stylo 4 users are having some issues with GIF Capture feature on the LG Stylo 4.

The Gif capture feature on my LG Stylo 4 isn’t working!  What can I do?

My gif button is not highlighted where I can click on it what do I do?

My GIF capture and Capture+ turned transparent it won’t let me use it anymore.

Looking for the solution to the above issues? You are in the right Place. Follow the guides below to fix this issue.

DO NOT try to force Stop the apps

No NEED to Clear Cache

Press the Volume Up (+) key twice to launch Capture+


You can launch the Capture+ from notifications panel by dragging the status bar downward on the main screen

From the Capture+ screen, you’ll see the options standard, extended, GIF and Qlens.

Selectt GIF and made a quick one just to test, saved it and closed it out.

Now You can pull out the stylus, the menu options were no longer grayed out.

How to enable Quick access to Capture+ by pressing the Volume Up (+) key twice?.

To use this feature, tap Settings -> General -> Shortcut keys and turn on Open Capture+.

Wish this helps.!