LG Android 11 Update


The LG Velvet 5G, G8X, Velvet 4G, G8S, WING, K52, and K42 are eligible to get the Android 11 Update!

Model nameProduct code
(without extension)
Android 11 rolloutstatus
VELVET 5GLMG900EMuntil April 2021Testing
G8XLMG850EMWuntil Q3 2021Testing
VELVET 4GLMG910EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing
G8SLMG810EAWuntil Q4 2021Testing
WINGLMF100EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing
K52LMK520EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing
K42LMK420EMWuntil Q4 2021Testing



Jan. 18, 2021

T-mobile’s LG V60 ThinQ -Jan. 22 2021

Android 11 Update is slated to be released via OTA starting from January 22 for the T-mobile LG V60 ThinQ 5G.

Jan. 15, 2021

Verizon LG V60 ThinQ 5G

The LG V60 ThinQ 5G is expected to receive Android 11 Updates soon in Q1 2021!

LG official has already posted the Android 11 Kernel source code for the Verizon LG V60 ThinQ smartphone


[original post]March 5, 2020

LG Q9 One(LM-Q927L) will get Android 11 Update in Q3 2020

Good news for LG Q9 ONE LMQ927L (Q927L) users in South Korea, LG will release the Android 11 OS Update for your LG Q9 One smartphone.

The LG Q9 one in South Korea shipped with Android 9.0 Pie out of the BOX, and it received the Android 10 Update in December 2019.

According to LG official, The LG Q9 one will receive the Android 11 OS Update in Q3 2020.

The target model for this Android 11 Update is South Korea Version LG Q9 ONE with the model number LMQ927L (Q927L) only.

We just hope that LG will push the Android 11 Update for the LG Q9 one launched in other markets too.

Source: https://m.ruliweb.com/mobile/board/1004/read/2171546