LG Q7 unlocked (Q617QA) Spotted at Bluetooth SIG

It seems that LG will launch another LG Q7 smartphone in the U.S. A new LG device which is expected to be the LG Q7 US unlocked Spotted at Bluetooth SIG.

The listing on Bluetooth SIG doesn’t reveal much about the device except for the model number – LM-Q617QA.

The LG Q7 launched in European Countries comes with the model number LM-Q617EM.  The phone received wi-fi alliance certification in September 2018.

According to our sources, Below are three model variants of the LG Q617 known so far:

LM-Q617EM – European Countries

LM-Q617YB –  Taiwan

LM-Q616QA – U.S. Unlocked

LG is testing the LG Q617QA firmware builds V10A – LMQ617QA-V10A-USA-XX-ABC-ABC-2018

In the U.S., The LG Q7 plus is currently available from T-mobile (Q610TA) and MetroPCS (Q610MA). Maybe LG will launch the Q617QA as LG Q7 unlocked in December 2018.