LG Q61 (K61) certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

[Update April, 3, 2020]

The European LG K61 LM-Q630EAW received the GCF (Global Ceritification Forum) Certification today.

[Original Story]

The Upcoming LG Q61 smartphone carrying the model number LM-Q630N has just been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

In fact, The model LM-Q630N is the South Korea Variant of the LG K61, But, In south Korea Market, the device’s market name is LG Q61.

According to the WI-FI Alliance listings, At least six variants of the LG K61 received the WI-FI alliance certification.

CIDProductModel NumberOperating System
WFA96809LM-Q630NLM-Q630NAndroid 9.0
WFA96810LM-Q630UMLM-Q630UMAndroid 9.0
WFA96811LM-Q630EAWLM-Q630EAWAndroid 9.0
WFA96812LM-Q630EALM-Q630EAAndroid 9.0
WFA96813LM-Q630BMWLM-Q630BMWAndroid 9.0
WFA96814LM-Q630HALM-Q630HAAndroid 9.0

The LM-Q630EAW will be released in the European market, while the LM-Q630UM is coming to meet the LG phone fans in the U.S.

In fact, LG K61 Dual Q630EAW received the FCC Approval several days ago, It might be availble for purchase very soon.

As to the LM-Q630BMW, the phone is said to be Brazil variants of the LG K61. The device passed through the FCC certification process too.

That is all we know about the LG K61 model variants.