Firmware Update

LG Q6 (M700Y, M700DSK) Recieved a new software Update

LG has released a new software for the LG Q6 (M700Y, M700DSK) in last week. Check the table below to find out if the update is now available in your Country or Area.

Model Suffix Buyer Country Live Date
LGM700Y CCM CELLCOM IL/Israel 2018-01-06
LGM700Y 4PC PCL_64G IL/Israel 2018-01-06
LGM700DSK BGD BANGLADESH BD/Bangladesh 2018-01-03
LGM700DSK SEA ARROW SG/Singapore 2018-01-03
LGM700DSN 4WN TAIWAN_OPEN_64G TW/Taiwan 2018-01-03
LGM700DSN 4KG HONG KONG_OPEN_64G HK/China 2018-01-03
LGM700DSN HKG HONG KONG HK/China 2018-01-03
LGM700Y 4RI ORANGE_64G IL/Israel 2018-01-03
LGM700DSN TWN TAIWAN TW/Taiwan 2018-01-03

PLEASE do not try to flash the firmware from M700DSN 32GB model onto a 64GB model. If you can not find the correct firmware for your phone, please contact us.

Now you can install the update with LG Bridge or LG Mobile Support Tool.

Remember to bookmark our page on LG Q6 M700 Software Updates: Checking the software version and Update history  to track the software Update news for LG Q6 smartphone.