LG Optimus Select AS730 USB Drivers Ver. 3.8

LG Optimus Select usb drivers, LG AS730 USB Drivers

In order for your new LG Optimus Select AS730 phone to work with your computer, you will need to install the appropriate USB Drivers on your PC. Here we shared with your the LG Android usb drivers Ver 3.8

You can visit https://www.mylgphones.com/lg-android-usb-device-drivers to download latest LG USB drivers v.3.11

LG Optimus Select AS730 USB Drivers

Download LG Viper (LG LS840) United mobile Driver Ver 3.8.1 (About 9.1MB)


This package includes the LG United Mobile Driver revision 3.8 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS. Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file and follow the instructions provided in order to update your drivers. It will allow you to connect your LG phone to PC.

Trouble Shooting LG Optimus Select AS730 USB Connection Issues:

1) Check LG Optimus Select AS730 User Guide
2) Check LG Optimus Select AS730 Official website LG.com
3) Check microsoft.com for MTP issues.