LG Optimus Fuel (L34C) User Manual / Guide

This is the official user manual / guide for Tracfone LG Optimus Fuel (L34C).

The LG Optimus Fuel (Model LG L34C) has been announced for Straight Talk and Net10. Tracefone and LG has published the LG Optimus Fuel (L34C) User Manual in English and made it ready for you download.

Those who are interested in this LG Optimus Fuel (L34C) can grab the device’s manua from below link:

Download LG Optimus Fuel (L34C) User Manual

Language: English
Link: LG%20L34C_UG_EN_Final.pdf

You would be able to get access to its interactive manual at: http://tracfone.devicebits.com/straighttalk/home.seam?custId=STLGL34C&locale=en_US

LG Optimus Fuel (L34C) Specs:

LG Optimus Fuel’s official model number is LG L34C. The Optimus Fuel l34C runs on Android 4.4.2 kitkat OS and has a 3.5″ HVGA IPS 480X320 display, a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8210 processor, 3G networking; 1,600mAh battery, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage, and 3-megapixel camera. It also features Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi,and LG Browser.

The Optimus Fuel L34C will be available in 3 colors: White / Black / Pink. At present, we are not sure if Straight and NET10 will launch the white and Pink version.

FYI, The LG L34C Optimus Fual is a model variant of the LG L40, the 3rd generation of the LG Optimus L4 smart phones. The Optimus Fuel does not Support DivX video decoder..

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  1. i have just bought this Lg Optimis FeulL34c phone and my husbands friend got into while is was gone and did a lot of Apps into. Now I do not play games on my phone at all. Can someone please help me on how to go and DELETE these games out from my front screen please.

  2. my LG Optimus Fuel repeatedly disconnects while on a call I have enough minutes,Anyone know why this is happening?

  3. Hi, My LG Fuel Recently stopped working, Everytime i turn it on, the LED Lights up like normal, but then the screen wont work, and the vibration wont work either! someone help me????? :(

  4. How do I root my lg Optimus fuel? I can’t move anything to my sd card and I’m out of space so I can’t download anything

  5. To use the video you have to slide the bar from camera to the little camcorder in the lower right hand side,and I recorded a video for an hour

  6. I have this phone i set it to lock and went to unlock phone and it won’t take my pass word. I have tryed to reset phone and it won’t can someone help me out with this?

  7. I bought a rebuilt LG 34C for $25 & the 1st one had a bad mic so I sent it back for prompt replacement. .Most trouble seems to be low memory ( I put in 16GB sd card but cannot access. So I frequently shut off & restart. To access sd one has to ROOT the phone, There is a 1 click root utility online for free. This also allows a lot of other fixes as well. Hey, for $25 I can guy a few !!!

  8. amazon has a set of 3 batteries and charger under $10 that easily solves this problem… I do know the extra apps add to the drain but have seen much worse.. DOC Jim Ramski

  9. have you ROOTED your fone? the kitkat has blocked access to SD card and there is a 1 click utility to root this and fix a LOT of issues.. DOC

  10. Does anyone know why I can’t send MMS messages on my phone? It’s an LG Optimus Fuel (L34C)

  11. I bought this phone used, so I did not get the instructions to go with it. How do I save a picture someone has sent to me to my gallery?

  12. Unable to receive text. I can send but not receiving any of the replies or new text being sent to me. Help! :(

  13. How do you reset a LG Optimus fuel downloaded a app that locked phone can’t get in my setting so how do I reset it

  14. i am unable to send any pictures on my phone. I keep getting the error message invalid destination address

  15. My phone is being stupid. I go to turn it on and it either freezes on the lg part or it will keep replaying the blue tracfone part. It’s really irritating me. Somebody needs to help me fix this

  16. I’m having trouble with a network error that affects most of my apps in someway. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  17. oh wow. thank you for that tip on brightness. could not find that anywhere of how to fix. did not have a clue about the “under” screen. not in manual or anywhere. thanks!!!!

  18. Hey tech junkie can u tell me why the phone keeps cutting on and off like its rebooting, i took the battery out , waited , then it worked , then a few days later its doing the same thing except now it wont stop, is it a virus ? I dont know much about phones so thats y im asking , any and all help is appeeiciated
    Email: limeslansky62@yahoo.com

  19. i have 5.3 gb free on my mem card but when i go to play store to download games it says that there is not enough free space on external storage. wtf? PLEASE HELP! i’m a tech junkie so give it to me straight, if i cant download to the mem card, whats it for?

  20. ok my fuel will not let me attach pics to texts. I also cannot d/load pics recd in a text message????? what gives…..anyone HELP!!!!!

  21. please help with this one folks, this really has me boggled! every time i access the internet, all that shows up on my screen is what i typed in at the top and the rest of the screen is pitch black! however i can still access YouTube, Ebay, and POF without a hitch!! weird huh? could anyone please help me unlock the internet for my phone, its been like this for several months now. thank you, steve

  22. My phone automatically dims whenever I go to full-screen mode to watch a video. Even with my brightness set to 100% I can barely see what’s on the screen in full-screen mode. Since the screen is so small, it would be nice to be able to use full-screen and actually see what’s playing.

  23. I got one of these (for my daughter) 3 weeks ago and we love it. Admittedly it is not your $600 Android but The Batt life on mine is not as bad as reported here and as noted, there are many things to try to improve it.

    Note that being in a metal locker makes it want to up the radio power to talk out side and waste batterie. Put in Airplain mode which should turn off Cell, Bluetooth and Wifi radios plus kill all in-needed apps should help. Also note that batteries some times need a few discharge/charge cycles to get to there optimum use state.

  24. Try to download manual from LG as Tracfone/Net10 have very brief manuals. In a google search, note the model of the LG L40 that the L34C is derived from and may get better info.

  25. This may be too obvious but did you try the screen brightness control? It is actually very easy to accidently move it as it is in the screen “under” the main screen that can be got to be draging down from the top. Esaier to do than explain. Look for the adjustment and see if you can restore the brightness. If that does not work, you can suspect defects.

  26. Is this Tracfone? If so it should be set up for what you have in your area. Can you ask the seller what he recommends? Do you have wifi? Use that on the phone and down load an app to detect the area signals and what they are. Might need to do some research for the right app(s).

  27. Could be defect but could depend on your location environment. In a very noisy electrical environment like around very high power electric motors that are stoping and starting, or maybe radio station transmitters you could experience many unusual things because of the noise jamming the electronics operations. Just a possibility. If it has problems everywhere in a days shopping, say. then it is probably defective.

  28. I can’t get mine to hook to the cell tower. Do I have to have the sprint type tower or can it hook to ATT? We do not have Sprint coverage.

  29. People this phone has miny apps. They came as a pack made for other phones.
    As such you mite look at all the apps. Wegets . Some things you mite find is like flashlight an app, the l34-10c aka l34 c camra dos not have flash in it.
    The case looks like it, ther is on flash.
    So some apps are redundent.
    How you deal with it is uo to you.
    Please rember apps are user non-user frenly, some report back (somebodty) useing battery and info yours?
    Hope this helps???
    Hourse in mouth

  30. Instruction booklet does not cover all operation instructions. Tried calling Net10 & they said they couldn’t give me insructions unless I called from other phone. Rediculous! lg optimus fuel is suppose to take videos. Can’t find it on phone. Also need to know length of video available. Help please?

  31. Manual does not give instructions for taking video nor how long you can video tape. Anyone have this info? I tried calling Net10 & they said they could not give me instructions unless I call from other phone. REDICULOUS!

  32. I had StraightTalk’s LG-L38C Olympus and was able to download music straight into my phone’s music app off an online website @ http://www.mp3olimp.net/olimp/. Now I have StraightTalk’s LG-L34C and when I tap the ‘download’ button on the same website of the song I’m choosing, it only plays the song…no downloading at all. This is a new phone for me and I’ve been through all the setting features I can locate and have not been able to resolve the issue. Any ideas or suggestions?

  33. battery drain not as bad as before. keep it shut off while in the locker. I was told that it probably searching for a signal while in the locker.

  34. I got one around the same time from Walmart. The battery does seem to drain quickly. Wish I could get a longer lasting battery for it!

  35. just bought one of these phones about 3 days ago.not at all happy with the battery life. This is my first android, so is this usual for this type of phone??? went to work it was 100%. by lunch it was down to 60%, and it was just siting in the locker. Wi-fi and sync were turned off…any thoughts before it take it back to Best Buy….

  36. I purchased one of these about 16 days ago–and the touch screen is acting wacky.

    Why would the touch screen freeze up, then work, depending on my location?

    I’m going to replace this phone today, with a cheap Samsung, and get a refund with my insurance that I bought at Walmart.

  37. Problem: My phone screen is darker than before. I didn’t seem to do anything but something happened .. I can barely see the icons [ i am rather old but thats not it ]

  38. Just setting up my new Straight Talk lg l34c optimus fuel and I can’t find where to adjust focus or a autofocus with the 3mp camera when trying to take picture. Can’t find any info on how to use camera. It does take a picture but it’s lousy. Any help out there? thx, Richard


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