LG Optimus Fuel L34C FAQs

Q1: Can you download the facebook on this phone?

Yes, You can download and install any Android APPs from Google Play Store

Q2: Only $29.88? is LG Optimus Fuel L34C a new phone?

Yes, It is a New Phone.

Q3: Can you play games like hayday on this L34C phone?

yes, But for some games, You need Powerful GPU inside.

Q4: Is it CDMA Phone or GSM Phone?

The LG Optimus Fuel L34C is a CDMA phone,it uses verizon towers.

Q5: does this phone use verizon network?

Yes, the “c” in L34C indicates this phone operates on verizon towers.

Q6: Does this phone have a querty keyboard?

No physical QWERTY keyboard. It has an on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

Q7: Can i block unwanted calls and phone numbers on LG L34C Optimus Fuel?

Yes, All Android smart phones have that feature.

Q8: what is Polaris Viewer 5 and Geotagging on Optimus Fuel?

Polaris Viewer is a Mobile Office application that allows you to view Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT) documents.
The storage of location based data, in the form of Latitude and Longitude inside of images is called Geotagging; essentially tagging your photograph.

Q9: What is the QuickMemo on Optimus Fuel?
The QuickMemo™ feature allows you to create memos and capture screen shots.
It is very easy to use quickmemo to take a screen shot of any screen.

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. I can’t stream Netflix. It will download from the play store and load and I can search the movies and open one to play it, but then I just get loading, then I have.to exit out of the.application, help

  2. I have a question.. my LG seems to not read photos properly through the browser, I cannot upload photos to any site, has anyone else had this problem, I’ve searched and tried fiddling around with my phones upload and photo types to no avail. Might I receive some assistance or a comment of some kind?

  3. When you browse a web page with Links to Songs, Just Tap the link, It should start downloading the Song. The file you download is saved to Your SD card.

  4. Hi, Shannon,

    To save songs from PC to your SD card:

    Please connect your phone to PC via USB Cable, change the USB connection mode to “MTP”, and then you can drag files between your PC and Songs.

  5. I have 3 questions:
    #1 how do you get the screen capture disabled it is very annoying everytime I touch the bottom of the screen to scroll on a website a semi circle appears to start the screen capture
    #2 . I cannot locate the Autofit setting when in my browser. Where is that located?
    #3 how do I save songs to my sd card… there is no option

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