Metropcs to launch LG Optimus F6 (LG MS500) Smart phone

The LG Optimus F6 (MS500) is headed for MetroPCS as tipped to us in a leaked press shot. The new LG MS500 has been spotted over at the Bluetooth SIG in June, Today, The MS500 Emerges at LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOLS software with following information: model:LGMS500 Swversion:MS50010e_03 Country:US/United States chip_type:QCT prod_type:GSM buyer_name:MetroPCS live_date:2013-08-29 LG Optimus … Read more

T-mobile to launch LG Optimus F6 (LG D500)

Carrier T-mobile USA officially announced that it will offer the LG Optimus F6 (Model:LG D500BK) in the coming weeks. Please notes that the official model number/name of the T-mobile LG Optimus F6 is “LG D500BK”. The LG Optimus F6 to be launched in Europe features model number “LG D505”. Unlike the LG D505, The Euopean … Read more