LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual / Guide

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pdficon_largeThis is the official LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User manual in English and Spanish language provided from the manufacture.

Something that can be very helpful to you before and after purchase the LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) as a point of reference is the LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual. This LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual /Guide in English and ESPAÑOL has 148 pages in PDF document format (3.29 Mb). It contains informations and instructions on how to operate LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) properly, such as installing the SIM & battery, installing the memory card, formatting the memory card, adding widgets to your home screen, Creating your Google account, making a call, calling your contacts, searching for a contact, Adding a new contact, messaging/E-mail, changing your message settings, settings, troubleshooting, etc.

Download PDF LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual / Guide

Language: English and ESPAÑOL
File format: PDF
Total 148 Pages
pdficon_largeDownload link LGL40G_UG_EN-ES.pdf

You may also refer the online tutorial for LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) from the following link.



If you experience any problems with your LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) Cell Phone and want to perform a hard reset, you can refer to the LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual on “Using the hard reset” (Pages 5).

For options to connect your LG L40G to Your Computer, please review pages 7.

If you feel confused with the icons & symbols used on LG L40G, please review the LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) User Manual on “Viewing the status bar” for status bar icons & symbols (pages 18-19)

About LG Optimus Extreme:

LG Optimus Extreme, also known as the LG L40G, is available now for $149.99 via net10 and Straight Talk, a Tracfone-owned cellular provider. The LG L40G model is shipped with Android™ 4.0 ICS Operating system and a 4″ Touch Screen, It also features 3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity,5 MP Camera/Video Recorder,Bluetooth® Wireless Technology,800 MHz Processor,4GB microSD™ Card and etc.

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