LG Nexus 5 for Sprint Confirmed

The Google Nexus 5 (AKA LG D820) which visit FCC in last month was spotted also at Blueooth SIG Website.

There are two model variants: LG D820 S and LG D820 C, According to the Bluetooth SIG filings. Maybe the LG D820 S is the Nexus 5 for Sprint.

The LG D820 FCC documents suggest that the Google Nexus 5 (AKA LG D820) support following wireless technology and frequency bands:

GSM 850/1900
WCDMA 5,4,2 (850/1700/1900) HSPA+42 (full speed on T-mobile where LTE is not available)
CDMA 0,1,10
LTE 2,4,5,17,25,26,41

This means that the device is fully compatible with Sprint (including tri-band LTE), AT&T and T-mobile but not Verizon Wireless.

Today, The LG D820 was listed on LGMobile Support Tool with the information that the Nexus 5 is coming to Sprint.


As you can see in the above image, Sprint will the first to carry this Google Nexus 5 in the United States.