LG MS323 Factory Reset guide

If you experience any issues with your LG MS323, You can perform a master reset or factory reset to solve kinds of issues.
please back up your important data (contacts,photos, and etc)

LG MS323 master reset Guide:

1. In status of power off,
press power button + volume down button and hold

2. When you can see LG logo, release power button only (hold volume down button

3. And press power button again in 3 sec and hold (hold volume down button).


4. Select ‘Yes’.

5. Select ‘Yes’.

6. Reset processing..>

Reboot, Now, You have reset your LG MS323 to its factory defalt settings.

Wish this helps!

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  1. Mine did the same thing. But being inquisitive I started exploring the phone a bit and discovered there is a button for factory reset in the general menu! I got my phone in July. Did they make the change between March and July?

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