LG-M322 Receive GCF Approval

A new LG smart phone with the model number LG MS322 has received approval from the Global Certification Forum(GCF).

LG-M322 Receive GCF Approval

According to the Global Certification Forum (GCF), The LG M322 phone supports  LTE Bands B2, B4, B5 and B13.  The similar LG-M320N model has been spotted in FCC filing, suggesting that its release is imminent.

Early leaks suggest that the LG M32x is the next generation of the LG X power, namely the LG X power 2.  LG officially announced the X power 2 in Feb 2017. According LG official , The LG X power 2 will roll out beginning in March in the Latin America followed by key markets in United States, Asia, Europe and other regions.

The LG X power 2 is now available in Brazil as LG K10 POWER which comes with model number LGK-M320TV. So far, we have not seen any U.S. variant of the LG X power 2.

Check LG official news here to learn more about the upcoming LG X power 2.

Stay tuned.