LG LS885 spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing, Is it G3 mini for Sprint?

The new LG device with model number LG-LS885 was spotted in Bluetooth SIG filing.


Back in March, The LG-LS885 was spotted in a UA Profile on Sprint official website. The profile states that the LG-LS885 will feature a display with a 1280×720 resolution. Then on June 10th
the LG LS885 received FCC’s approval. According to FCC Filing, The LG-LS885′s dimension (Length x Width) is 137.75mmX69.6mm.

Early reports by Phonearena suggest that the LG-LS885 is the G2 mini but the screen resolution of the LG LS885 does not match any LG G2mini variants. Other rumors suggest that the LG LS885 is the G pro 2 lite (G vista ) for Sprint but the size does not match. The G vista VS880 for verizon’s dimension (Length x Width) is 152.1 mm x 79.2 mm.

We suspected that the LG-LS885 is the mini version of the G3 for Sprint which might be launched as the “G3 beat” or “G3 mini.

So what are your thoughts?

Stay Tuned!

Source: https://www.bluetooth.org/tpg/QLI_viewQDL.cfm?qid=22663