LG LS775 certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Is it LG Stylus 2 for Sprint?

The LG LS775 is LG Stylus 2 for Boost Mobile.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has just certified the new LG LS775 for Wi-Fi compliance. According to the certification, The lg ls775 phone is based on Android M 6.0 OS.


The LG LS775 has been spotted in a UA Profile which confirms that the device is coming to Sprint. In Last month, The LS775 received its Bluetooth SIG ceritifcation. which list the design name “LG-Q1620a”. It is interesting that the upcoming LG K540‘s design name is “LG-Q1620”.

Early rumors suggest that the LG K540 is the LG Stylus 2. It’s possible that the LG LS775 is the Stylus 2 for Sprint.


The FCC has already approved the LG LS775 for sale in the U.S. Sprint might released the LG LS775 in the coming weeks.


Stay Tuned.